Mission Statement

“To ignite a passion within our congregation to extend God’s love and compassion to the lost, the oppressed, the widows and orphans of this world.  And to cultivate, through relationship, partnerships with individuals and organizations to help us carry out this passion.”

We believe we are called to reach a deeper level of partnership with our missionaries that will lead to developing direct involvement with and meaningful service to their ministries.

When we step out in obedient service to God, we tend to see its purpose being for the sake of others.  But God always has in mind a transformational work in us as well.  He desires to increase our faith and grow our love for Him and others by enlarging our hearts ad expanding our vision.  As God works through us, we begin to see as He sees, to love as He loves and to love those He loves.

We need and pray for God’s love and transforming power to permeate our church.  Touching every individual, family, and ministry in this Body.  Then He will grow our hearts for the world.

 A thank you from Pastor Fred and the interns we are supporting in Malawi

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