Men’s Bible Study

The Log Church men’s ministry sees potential leaders in every man and seeks to develop, disciple, and serve men where they are in their spiritual journey.  Our ministry develops men by providing them resources and materials that can provide them with the biblical foundation to be a follower of Christ.

We disciple men by providing them with in-depth bible studies and special seminars to help them understand biblical principles and learn that all men need a mentor through life.

And, finally we serve men by providing them outlets to use their unique and individual skills.  Various retreats, activities, and programs are organized by the leadership team for men who are at different stages in life so that social and biblical interaction can occur in their journey for authentic manhood.   

Please join the Tuesday Morning Men’s Bible Study with coffee and doughnuts in the Fellowship Hall on the lower level of the church.  Those who must leave early to get to work can certainly do so.